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Peace at last

What you need

Your listening ears.


Reading and storytelling with your child promotes brain development and imagination, teaches your toddler about language and emotions, and strengthens your relationship with your child.

The experience

Sit back and watch Jill Murphy’s beloved story: ‘Peace at Last’, read by Rik. This is a wonderful story to listen to before bedtime too! 

The hour was late and Mr Bear was tired. But he could not sleep – however he tried and wherever he tried. SNORE, SNORE went Mrs Bear. TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK went the clock. Would he never get to sleep?

After listening to the story, why not discuss what it is like in your house at night? What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? 

Mr Bear hears lots of sounds during the night. Do you remember what these sounds are? Can you describe them?

Enjoy the story!