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Superhero Treasure Hunt

What you need

  • Scarf/superhero cape
  • Your imagination!
  • And a superpower!


  • Following instructions 
  • Imaginative play 
  • Learning about prepositions

The experience

Hide something special in the house that your child will be excited about finding and encourage them to dress up as a superhero so that they can help you find the treasure!

Draw or write a set of step-by-step clues on where they can find the treasure and hide them around the house e.g. draw a picture of a washing machine, then inside the washing machine leave a note where you have drawn a picture of their bed, etc. 

Use preposition words, such as “Look underneath the bed”

Praise them when they find the treasure and encourage them to draw some pictures/direct you, so you can find the treasure that they have hidden.