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What do my nursery fees cover?

Fees include all meals, snacks, formula for infants, nappies and trips. Fees are due in advance, and we issue invoices mid-month for the following month. Unfortunately, there can be no refunds for sickness or holidays. Fees are calculated based on the weeks of the year that you nursery is open, averaged into 12 monthly payments. The amount of weeks per year that our nurseries are open vary from nursery to nursery, so please check your fee sheet for more information.

Bank / public holidays & INSET days are payable in full. N is closed between Christmas & New Year – please note you will not be charged for this period. Any fee increases are based on the nursery’s running costs. You will receive 2 months’ notice of any changes to our terms and conditions, including any fee increases. Please open your nursery’s fee sheet on our Fees page for more information.