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What's behind our approach?

With the help of leading experts, we’ve designed our own unique method to guide our work with children and families. We call it The N approach and it is based around these seven strands:

Philosophical foundations

We incorporate long-trusted teaching methods with the very best of modern thinking on child development to create our own fresh approach. We take on board a vast array of early years theorists and philosophers, however there are four schools of thought from which we take specific guidance.

Jerome Bruner

Inspired by Bruner, we use a form of progressive repetition or ‘spiral’ learning. We explore questions and experiences with children which we revisit throughout their time at N, developing ideas with increasing depth.

Maria Montessori

Children are given the freedom to work at their own pace, making their own choices and correcting their own mistakes. We focus on respecting the unique individuality of each child and on cultivating their respect for others, the community and the environment.

Reggio Emilia

Educators inspire curiosity by researching new ideas and topics with the children. We also use the nursery environment as a ‘third teacher’ to create new learning experiences – including our Reggio inspired Atelier art room – allowing children to explore ways of self-expression.

Forest School

We help children build confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a natural environment. This presents new risks and challenges and new opportunities to learn from nature.

The N curriculum

Preparing children for life in the modern world

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