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Drop off


We recognise that mornings can be a challenge, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure a positive and warm start to the day for our families.

You’ll be welcomed by our Front of House team, and then met by either your child’s key person or a member of your child’s key team at the door to your child’s Family Room. This is a chance to discuss anything important or simply what you got up to at home so we can extend this into the nursery.

Your child will then either have breakfast or settle down to play with an educator and friends, while parents are free to grab a coffee and a bagel from the breakfast bar and answer some emails in the parents’ area before heading off to work.

Child-led play


Children are able to freely explore and play with our many resources including specialist atelier art equipment, dress-up stations and the N Library. They can also categorise materials, create stories and explore make-believe play, block play, sensory and water play. Children can also familiarise themselves with the world around them through mini-models of vehicles, animals and people, or through research on our digital tables.



All N meals and snacks are prepared from scratch by our in-house chefs. We have two family mealtimes where the children eat as a group with their key educators.

We promote a relaxed and sociable atmosphere for our ‘family’ meals, and the children are encouraged to lay the table, serve themselves and help clear up. Lunch is served at 11.30am for our younger children and 12pm for the older ones. Dinner is served at 4pm. A snack bar is available throughout the day where children are able to come and enjoy a snack with a couple of their friends.

Educator-led learning


Every day our educators will lead small group or individual sessions, either with a communication and emotional literacy focus or exploring one of the N extras such as Spanish, yoga or cookery. They will also explore and research new topics with the children, extending their knowledge of the world around them.

Insights and updates on these experiences are shared through the N app.

Outdoor learning


Our gardens are designed just as imaginatively as our indoor spaces, providing the perfect backdrop for physical activities such as climbing, balancing, riding, playing ball games and completing obstacle courses.

Many of our outdoor areas also include planting stations, water play and a vegetable patch for Forest School-inspired learning experiences. We also learn outside of the nursery on trips into our local communities. All children will spend time engaged in outdoor learning every day.

Sleep and rest


We believe that good sleep and/or rest is essential for all children. Our nursery rooms are designed to easily convert into cosy sleeping spaces with gentle music and soft mats.

When children first join the nursery we follow their home sleep routines, and then continue to support children to sleep at the time that is right for them. As we all know, yawns are contagious, and we find that children tend to adjust to snuggling up amongst their friends quite quickly. When they’re ready, they’ll drop down to one nap, which is usually best timed to happen after lunch.

Children who no longer require a sleep in the day may still want to rest and are able to take themselves off to our ‘hygge’ corners, designed to feel relaxed, calm and secure.

Pick up


At home time, parents are encouraged to come in and chat with the educators and hear all about their child’s day and accomplishments. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know the team, and the other parents, and to ask any questions you have about how your child is progressing. If you have something you’d like to discuss, then our managers’ doors are always open for a quick chat – or a longer meeting.

Don’t forget to grab your piece of fruit on the way out – our ever-popular evening snacks will make those buggy rides home go just that little bit smoother.

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