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What notice do I need to give to leave my place at the nursery?

Cancelling more than 3 months prior to starting: We will refund your place acceptance fee if you cancel your child’s place more than 3 calendar months ahead of your child starting nursery with us. Your joining fee will remain non-refundable.

Cancelling less than 3 months prior to starting: We ask that you inform us as soon as possible. We will not be able to refund either your place acceptance fee or your joining fee, and you will be liable for any fees over and above the value of the place acceptance fee, that are payable during the 3 month notice period.

Serving notice once your child has started N: We require 2 months notice, which means that your contract with the nursery will not end until 2 calendar months after the day on which you contact us to cancel your child’s place. You will be responsible for paying the fees during that time. All outstanding fees remaining will need to be paid in full.

Place acceptance fees and joining fees differ from nursery to nursery – please see your nursery’s fee sheet for more information.