We’re creating London’s best nursery group

Why us?

We believe that nursery is more than daycare – it’s the start of your child’s education, preparation for school, and the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Working with early years expert Dr David Whitebread, we’ve developed a teaching philosophy based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that blends influences from Jerome Bruner, Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori. It’s a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn and develop their interests through play.

Our outstanding early years educators build on children’s individual strengths and passions, setting a high standard for their learning and development. Each child receives a personalised approach that inspires them to become a purposeful, life-long learner. As part of our ambition to create London’s best nursery group we’ve also created the N Academy, supporting our team to pursue their own education and training to the highest level.

Open 7am to 7pm

Forest School & outdoor activities

Passionate educators