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Creamy haddock and peas risotto

Creamy haddock and peas risotto with spinach, tomato and parmesan salad


4kg haddock,cut in strips
(please use 50g haricot beans for children who can’t have fish)
3kg easy cook rice
1 litre plant cream
1kg peas
4 white onions
200g spinach washed and shredded
300g cherry tomatoes,quartered
1.2kg Brakes vegetarian parmesan


Saute onions with garlic, then add rice. Add dried parsley and top up with zero salt stock. When nearly cooked add plant cream and reduce. Meanwhile, bake haddock in a little olive oil and lemon juice until cooked and gently stir through the rice.

Create a salad with spinach, parmesan and cherry tomatoes. Serve separately.