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Spaghetti Pomodoro with Chicken Milanese

Our Spaghetti Pomodoro and crumbed Chicken Milanese are firm N family favourites. The tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and basil make a healthy (and delicious) sauce for the spaghetti. Enjoy

Pea, mint and dill dip with oatcakes

Our N chefs have blended green peas, fresh mint and dill with a squeeze of […]

Toasted crumpets with cinnamon cream cheese and berries

Toasted crumpets for tea on cool autumn days? What a treat! Topped with cinnamon cream […]

Waffles with fresh strawberries and crème fraiche

This recipe is always greeted with smiles from our children (and team!). A wonderful treat the whole family can enjoy…

Coconut porridge with pears and blueberries

There are so many delicious ways to switch up your morning oats and this is one of our faves.

Artichoke, aubergine and pea paella

Variety is the spice of life, and there’s plenty of that in this paella. Artichokes, aubergines, peas and butterbeans are seasoned with paprika and turmeric in this bright and flavourful dish.

Aloo gobi with spiced chickpeas

Fresh from our N kitchen to yours is this aromatic recipe, aloo gobi with spiced chickpeas. Yes, peas!

Creamy pasta with courgettes and chicken

Here’s a dish that will definitely ‘pasta’ taste test! Half-moon courgettes cooked with garlic and creme fraiche, served with wholewheat pasta and oven-baked chicken.

Spicy sweet potato and butterbean dip with breadsticks

How can a recipe this simple taste so good? But yet here it is. A favourite snack from our N kitchen to yours. Sweet potato flavoured with garlic and paprika and blended with protein-packed butter beans for a dip as satisfying as it is delicious.

Seeded coconut porridge with cherry compote

Now here’s a ‘cherry’ good breakfast recipe from the N kitchen.

Beetroot falafel with couscous

On the hunt for something fresh and flavourful, this dish is hard to beet! Packed […]

Homemade cod fish fingers with herby yogurt dip

Dip, dip hooray! Here’s a classic dish you can enjoy at home and even get […]