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Homemade cod fish fingers with herby yogurt dip


45 mins

20 mins

25 mins

Dip, dip hooray! Here’s a classic dish you can enjoy at home and even get the children involved in the process. Just be sure to wash their hands before and after handling raw fish.


200g cod loin or fillets
10g cornflour (seasoned with garlic powder, paprika and dried parsley)
10ml oil
40g breadcrumbs


For herby yoghurt dip:

1 tub coconut yoghurt
Fresh mint chopped to taste
Fresh parsley to taste
Lemon juice
Black pepper
Grated cucumber


For the side:

4 small flat breads or pita breads
Lettuce, cucumber and plum tomatoes


Season the cornflour with a pinch of garlic powder, paprika and dried parsley.

Prep the cod into roughly 8x 25g strips.

Mix the oil with a little cornflour to create an egg-like consistency.

Coat cod strips in seasoned cornflour, oil mixture and then breadcrumbs. Place on lined baking tray and bake in a hot oven (200c)  for 20 minutes.

Pulse the ingredients for the dip in a food processor and serve with the fish fingers, warmed flatbread and a simple salad of lettuce, cucumber and tomato (not pictured).