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How to raise a multilingual child: a practical guide

The first of our N Essential talks kicks off on Thursday 21st July with a practical guide to raising a multilingual child.

Sustainable parenting by Africa Daley-Clarke aka The Vitamin D project

Join us on Wednesday 13th July when Africa from The Vitamin D Project shares her tips for lifestyle changes that can make a big difference.

Potty training explained, with best-selling author Jamie Glowacki

Join Jamie Glowacki, best-selling author of Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything modern parents need to know to do it once and do it right.

Managing meals and snack times in the early years, Q&A with Laura Matthews

We’ve worked with Laura Matthews – former Head of Nutrition at Jamie Oliver – from […]

Toddlers explained: How to teach our kids to apologise.

In this informative talk, Devon Kuntzman from Transforming Toddlerhood takes a closer look at the skill of apologising and the important difference between a forced apology versus one that is given with empathy and ownership.

How to avoid gender stereotyping

We’re delighted to welcome back Kirstie Beaven from Sonshine magazine to discuss the hotly contested nature vs nurture debate when it comes to gender and explore ways that we, as parents of young children, can help break away from these damaging gender stereotypes. 

Paediatric First Aid

The thought of your child in an emergency is not something you ever want to […]

How to talk to your child about disability by author James Catchpole

James Catchpole is an agent for children’s books. He never meant to write a book […]

How to be a calm parent with best-selling author Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Hands up who’s ever lost their cool with their kids. However much we want to […]

Peaceful parenting with Iris Chen, author of Untigering

Rescheduled for this new date in Feb, don’t miss this chance to meet and hear […]

Understanding Children’s Mental Health, with Professor Nikolaus Steinbeis

We are more aware than ever before of mental health in general, but when it comes […]

The N Nutcracker Ballet Workshop

There is no better way to kick off the festive week ahead than with a […]