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How to nurture a child’s creativity through art

 Written by Sarah Bagner As a parent of young children, the summer holidays can feel […]

How to ensure children stay safe in the sun

Spending time outdoors is a great way for children to get some fresh air, exercise […]

Eight tips to help you have a calm and relaxing family holiday

Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mother of four and the author of 15 parenting books, including […]

A guide to 15 hours free childcare

With the Government introducing new schemes of early years funding for eligible children in the […]

13 problem solving activities for children

Problem solving is a skill we use every day as adults. From navigating workplace challenges […]

Listening games: Everything you can do with them for learning

Many activities can help a child learn how to listen properly. But listening games can make learning a true adventure. Discover interactive activities that can capture young minds and foster skills necessary for language development and social engagement.

8 gross motor skills activities for children

All children develop their gross motor skills at a different pace, but there are also things we can do to encourage them. Discover fun activities that can support their development.

Life advice for single parents (and their supporters)

Is it possible to be happy as a single parent? Absolutely! That’s according to single […]

How to Raise Confident Children, with Sarah Ockwell-Smith

As parents, we want to try and do all we can to ensure our children […]

11 Hand-Eye Coordination Activities

When it comes to hand-eye coordination activities, you can never start too young. Here’s 11 fun ways to engage your child and support their development at the same time.

A guide to letter formation

Do the write thing: How kids learn to write and how to help them do […]

How children learn to read

Reading to your child from an early age will instil a love of reading and […]