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In line with current government guidelines, our nurseries are now open.

This is a transitional time for everyone and during this ever-changing situation, we endeavour to offer our families as much clarity as possible as to how we are approaching each new phase, and what procedures we are putting in place to keep everyone safe.

Please see below for our Coronavirus FAQs. Questions will be updated in line with new government guidance, so please do check back regularly.

As always, our families and our team of educators are our highest priority, and we are committed to keeping everyone safe and well during these unprecedented circumstances.

What measures have you put in place to protect the children and your team members in the nursery?

The health and safety of our team and families are of paramount importance at this challenging time. Our Covid-19 roadmap can be found here, at the top of our policies page. Please speak to your nursery to find out which step they are currently operating from.

The Government has lifted many restrictions. Why have these not been lifted within the nursery?

  1. Currently, people under the age of 18 will NOT be required to self-isolate, even if they’ve had close contact with someone who has Covid.
  2. For team members over 18 years of age who have not received both vaccinations, self-isolation will be necessary. As a result, each nursery will be implementing a range of measures to ensure there are sufficient team members to operate safely.
  3. The government have stated that all those confirmed to have had contact with the Omicron variant of Coronavirus must isolate, regardless of age or vaccination status

Support and well-being

We are working with the team to ensure they can access vaccination appointments to achieve double vaccination status. However, we recognise there may be team members who cannot or, through personal choice, may choose not to obtain the Covid-19 vaccine.

Will there be changes to the nursery team?

We are working hard to maintain the team’s consistency. However, we recognise that unplanned absences due to self-isolation can impact the number of core team available. We would seek to replace our core team with our bank and agency team members in this instance. If we do not have the required team members to operate a room safely, it may be necessary to close a room whilst we address team absence.

If my child contracts coronavirus, or has symptoms and has to self isolate, do I still have to pay?

Yes, we are treating coronavirus as any other illness and therefore you will still have to pay your full fees.

What to do if my child is ill?

Any child that exhibits coronavirus symptoms will be asked to return home, isolate for the required time and access a PCR test. Recognised coronavirus symptoms are currently listed as a temperature of 38 and above, continuous coughing, or taste and/or smell loss. Please note that children attending childcare settings are eligible for testing, so please ensure a test is accessed.

While we appreciate that this may be inconvenient for families, we will be asking everyone to comply with these isolation timelines for the continued safety of all families and our team members.

If another child or a team member in my child’s bubble at nursery has a confirmed case of coronavirus, does my child have to self isolate?

The current government guidance stipulates that should there be a confirmed case in a room at nursery, anyone identified by NHS Test and Trace as a close contact is legally required to self-isolate and must not attend the nursery. Double vaccinated adults: those who received their final dose of an MHRA-approved vaccine in the UK vaccination programme, at least 14 days prior to contact with a positive case and children and young people: those under the age of 18 years are not required to isolate unless they develop Covid-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with a confirmed case of the Omicron variant.

How can we access lateral flow tests?

Lateral flow tests are for people with no symptoms. You can find further information on rapid lateral flow tests for households and bubbles on the government website. You can order rapid lateral flow tests for your household using this form.

My child has a temperature, but received a vaccine within the last 48 hours (or the MMR vaccine within the past 21 days). Should I still get them a test?

If your child has a high fever within 48 hours of having a childhood vaccine, they don’t need to self-isolate unless Covid-19 is suspected. If your child develops a temperature within 21 days of receiving their MMR vaccine, they don’t need to isolate unless Covid-19 is suspected.

Should my child wear a face mask?

Following government guidelines, we do not recommend that children wear face masks.

If I can’t come into the nursery how will I know how my child is doing?

We will continue to post regular photos on the N app as we have always done. You will receive a monthly observation on the app and a termly assessment. If you have anything you’d like to discuss at any stage, please let your nursery manager know, and they’ll arrange a time for a call with you.

My circumstances have changed and I’d like to reduce my days. Can I give you notice now?

Yes, in line with our policy, you will still need to have a Friday or a Monday as part of your plan, and the minimum requirement is still three days.

What are my Terms and Conditions at this time?

All of our Ts&Cs are now back to normal. You can check our Ts&Cs on our Fees page here, but please contact your manager if you have any questions about this.

Are you offering charitable support during this crisis?

We continue to donate to and work closely with our charity partner, War Child, throughout this crisis. The coronavirus pandemic will affect vulnerable children worldwide in myriad ways, many of which won’t be visible immediately or widely documented. Aside from the immediate health implications, War Child expects vulnerable families to be hit by a loss of work and dwindling food supplies – coupled with a massive reduction in global aid funding in the hardest-hit areas. This will likely affect education programmes that they have been working on for decades, offering children the opportunity to learn and build a brighter future. N Family Club is committed to continuing our support of War Child, helping them continue this vital work and offer social and financial aid to children worldwide.