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Try this at home

4 ways to prepare your child for school

Help your child to feel confident and secure about their transition to school.

One cup of Lego

The possibilities with Lego or Duplo blocks are endless; they’re a great way to challenge your child.

Water spray painting

Well, isn’t this splash-tastic! What’s not to love with this hands-on colour spray activity.

Toothbrushing game

A fun way to help children understand why it’s important to brush their teeth and how to do it properly.

Hide a toy

A small toy to be hidden around the home A piece of paper Pencils/markers for […]

Sensory building blocks

Tupperware containers (these will need to be see-through for the best effects) A selection of […]

Take a photo challenge

The means to take a photo e.g. phone, tablet or camera A space to explore […]

Mud sculptures

Making mud pies or mud sculptures is fun for everyone (although a little bit messy!) and can lead to lots of imaginative scenarios.

Heads or tails?

A coin A piece of paper A pen/pencil A fun way to develop your child’s […]

Push & pull

An old box such as an empty cereal carton Straws Scissors or sharp tool for […]

One dot can be…

Some paper A pencil or pen This activity works on developing imagination and the ability […]

Ice painting

Some ice Some paint and a paintbrush/es A space to paint that is easily cleaned […]