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Try this at home

One cup of Lego

A cup or small container filled with Lego/Duplo pieces. The possibilities with Lego or Duplo […]

Water spray painting

Paper attached to a wall/fence or on an easel Paint Water guns or spray bottles […]

Toothbrushing game

A piece of paper with a tooth outline drawn onto it A plastic wallet A […]

Hide a toy

A small toy to be hidden around the home A piece of paper Pencils/markers for […]

Sensory building blocks

Tupperware containers (these will need to be see-through for the best effects) A selection of […]

Take a photo challenge

The means to take a photo e.g. phone, tablet or camera A space to explore […]

Mud sculptures

An area with mud/soil A little water Sticks Leaves and other natural objects A space […]

Heads or tails?

A coin A piece of paper A pen/pencil A fun way to develop your child’s […]

Push & pull

An old box such as an empty cereal carton Straws Scissors or sharp tool for […]

One dot can be…

Some paper A pencil or pen This activity works on developing imagination and the ability […]

Ice painting

Some ice Some paint and a paintbrush/es A space to paint that is easily cleaned […]

Cloud spotting

The sky! (Ideally a day that is not overcast, as you need to be able […]