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Bear and Hare: Mine!

What you need

Your listening ears.


  • Emotional development – Bear and Hare is a lovely book for exploring emotions, sharing and friendship. The illustrations pick out the animals’ feelings beautifully. 
  • Language development – the simplicity and the repetition in Bear and Hare means that babies and toddlers can recognise some of the words quickly.

The experience

Find a comfortable area in your home and sit back to listen to this warm and funny book, read by Chelsea.

Bear and Hare have gone for a walk, but every nice thing they find on the way, Hare wants all for himself. He even gobbles up a lovely ice cream without offering a bite to his best friend. Naughty Hare! Can Bear teach Hare how to share? 

When listening to the story, why not pause the video to pick out and name some of Bear and Hare’s features in the book, such as their eyes and noses as well as Hare’s ears. Babies and toddlers also like sound effects when sharing books. So, you could say ‘pop’ when you pause on the page where the balloon bursts or ‘buzz’ with the bees. You can also draw their attention to more specific words such as ‘petals’ on the flower, or the ‘swarm’ of bees that chase Hare.

For older children: Bear and Hare ends with an image of a first-aid kit. These are always of interest to children from around two years old. You may like to initiate a ‘first-aid station’ using a few found objects from your home environment. Let your child try out your made up bandages and pretend to help each other.