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Create the perfect indoor picnic

What you need

  • Your picnic food, such as finger food, mini sandwiches, fruit skewers, cakes, etc. 
  • Some blankets and cushions
  • Serving pots
  • Anything else you’d like to make your perfect picnic


This activity helps to develop communication and language skills, as well as creativity. It also promotes healthy eating, hand-eye coordination, and emotional development.

The experience

Clear a space in pretty much any room in your house or garden. Gather some blankets or beach towels and a few cushions. Lay the blankets or towels on the floor and scatter cushions around the edge, (if you have a small rug this will work just as well as the blankets). Pop on the child’s favourite tunes and arrange the food and drinks on top of the blankets. 

Involve your child in preparing the food and encourage them to talk about the different foods they will be setting out for their picnic. 

Have a wonderful picnic! Why not share some photos of your indoor picnic with us on Famly?