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Duvet adventures and crawling fun

A little girl on a bed with a teddy bear
A little girl on a bed with a teddy bear

What you need

A duvet – either on a bed or on the floor


Crawling, even for confident walkers is a great exercise, strengthening shoulders and arms. Crawling ‘army style’ on tummies is also a great way to develop core strength. Using a duvet to crawl over and under adds an extra element of fun and makes it harder work!

The experience

Set up a space with a duvet, either on a bed or on the floor. For younger babies, you will want to use the floor space, place them on their tummy so they can crawl over the duvet. For confident crawlers, you could try getting them to crawl under the duvet.

For older children, get them to lie on their tummy and see if they can move across the duvet using elbows and their body, rather than hands, if they can. 

Enjoy repeating the same under the duvet. You could also have fun with your child crawling under the duvet whilst you lift the cover up and down to create waves – an added challenge as your child sees how quickly they can crawl through!