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Egg & Spoon Race

A girl holding an egg in a spoon for an egg and spoon race
A girl holding an egg in a spoon for an egg and spoon race

What you need

  • Spoons 
  • Eggs/small balls/anything oval shape (or, you could even make your own eggs using paper mache and a balloon or playdough)


The egg and spoon race experience will help to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, balance and their ability to follow instructions. It’s lots of fun for all the family and can lead to discussion around speed and distance, as well as promote critical thinking skills – what’s the best technique to keep your egg on the spoon?

The experience

Many of you will recall this fun egg and spoon game from your childhood. Ideal for outdoors, or can be carried out indoors in an open space. 

Use a piece of furniture/plant pot or other household items to show the start and finish lines. Gather all willing participants with their egg on a spoon and see who can balance their egg on the spoon the longest!

You could compare the length of time you each managed to keep the egg on the spoon, or see who managed to finish the fastest. Older children will enjoy discussing and setting rules e.g. if somebody drops their egg, do they go back to the start line to try again? 

You could create an egg and spoon race scoreboard to promote some mark-making and could time each race using a stopwatch on your phone.