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Farm animal moves

What you need

  • Some space around your home
  • A farm animal story


This activity will help you and your child explore a range of movements. It will keep you active and hopefully put a smile on your face as you are acting out all the movements these animals make.

The experience

Before we get active, you may want to do a little research with your child on farm animals, who lives on the farm? What noise do they make and how do they move?

If you wanted to, you could make little areas for where the animals live. For example – a blue fabric for the ducks/some green space for the horse/a little house for the chickens.

Then we explore the animal movements. When you get to each area of ‘The Farm’/your home, you can then become the animal who lives there.


Can you gallop like a horse?

Can you waddle like a duck?

Can you flap your wings like a chicken?

Can you climb like a cat?

Can you lay down like a cow?