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Farmyard Hullabaloo by Giles Andreae

What you need

A storybook about farm animals – our top recommendations include, “What the Ladybird Heard’ or our selected book of choice ‘Farmyard Hullabaloo.’

Optional extra: some small world farm animals – these could be soft animals, puppets or even pictures of animals. You could create your own small world environment with fabrics, paper and even natural resources like soil, sand and gravel! 


Language development, awareness of story structure, interest and engagement in storytimes.

The experience

You can use our ‘Storytime with Katy’ video on our website, as well as props, to engage your child in exploring life on the farm. Ask your child if they know the names of animals and what noises they make.

Possible ways to do this include: 

Small world animals – you can use your small world animals to match up the characters; your children can find the animal as Katy is speaking and bring the story to life.

Stick puppets – you can draw and cut out your farmyard animal onto card or paper and stick with tape or glue to a lolly stick (they could also be stuck onto the end of a wooden spoon!) 

After the story, you could ask your child, ‘What animals did we see in the story?’ – then join in a craft activity with them creating pictures of your very own farm.