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Feelings & emotions

What you need

Your body, and a space clear from obstructions so you are not bumping into anything!


This activity will develop your child’s gross motor skills whilst using the different movements to express different emotions.

Personal social and emotional development is also enhanced as it allows your child to understand we have a range of emotions and they can visually see what this might look like.

The experience

During this learning experience, we are going to focus on four sets of emotions/feelings. This Includes 

Happy: Stretch your arms up in the air and jump on the spot

Sad: Show your child a sad expression – use a thumbs down movement whilst putting your arms in a downward motion.

Angry: Stomp your feet as if you are marching. Make a frown expression whilst doing this.

Afraid: Whilst sitting on the floor, hold your knees up to your face and use your arms to wrap your hands around your legs. Demonstrate this to your child for them to copy you.

For younger children, focus on just two emotions – happy and sad. Cover your eyes, wait a few seconds, remove them and show your baby your happy expression, then sad alternate between the two. Beware they may find your sad face funny!