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I had a little turtle

What you need

A tube of bubbles or homemade bubble solution, and your singing voice.


This activity will further develop communication and language skills. This will also help your baby grow their ability to concentrate for short periods of time.

Singing to children of this age also strengthens the bond between parent and child, and helps regulate the baby’s sense of awareness and attention.

The experience

Listen to the wonderful song about the Little Turtle that ate up all the soap! Blow bubbles in the air while singing to the song. Use repetitive language e.g, pop, bang! Encourage your baby to pop the bubbles or perhaps they will just enjoy watching them float by and listening to the song. This will encourage your baby to learn the skills to help to start babbling and making related noises or copying your repetitive words.

For older children: Why not try to copy the moves while singing? Please find the moves below:


Lyrics and movements:


I had a little Turtle, (Make a turtle with one fist with your thumb poking out)

His name was Tiny Tim.

I put him in the bathtub,

To see if he could swim. (Move arms in swimming motion)


He drank up all the water (Pretend to drink from a cup, making slurping noise)

And ate up all the soap. (Open and close fingers as if they are eating, making munching noise)

And now he has a bubble, 

In the middle of his throat. (Touch throat)


Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, (Slowly open arms wider and wider, trill lips to make bubbling noise) 

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble,

Bubble, Bubble, Bubble

Bubble, PoP! (Pop finger out of mouth to make a popping noise, or clap your hands together)