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Let’s disc-ough!

What you need

Playdough – homemade (try out our recipe) or shop bought, and your best singing voice to sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.


  • Developing fine motor skills and strong finger muscles
  • Enjoying music and rhyme

The experience

Give your toddler their dough – the bigger the piece and firmer the dough, the harder the children’s hands will work! 

Start with a warm up by passing it from hand to hand a few times and then hold it and pat it until the ball is flat like a pancake! 

Begin to sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’, tickling the dough pancake with the tips of your fingers. Using your forearm as the waterspout, run Incy Wincy up your arm. As it rains, tap your fingers on the dough and, keeping them together, wash them out the spout by sweeping them across the dough. As the sun comes out, fan your fingers behind the dough like rays of sunshine. As the sun dries up the rain, lift your hand up from the dough. Then pass the dough pancake from one hand to the other, by turning each hand over the other in turn. Then pat the pancake to the beat of the song, and sing again repeating the actions.