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Story time with Rik: Lost and found

What you need

  • Your listening ears
  • Plastic food containers, cardboard packaging, the type of materials you would usually put in the recycling bin.  
  • Glue, crayons, colouring pencils, etc.


  • Learning about meaningful relationships and friendship.
  • Science knowledge – understanding the concepts of floating and sinking, learning the properties of different materials.

The experience

Sit back and listen to the famous story of ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.

There once was a boy, who one day found that a penguin had arrived on his doorstep. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. But no one seems to be missing a penguin. So the boy decides to take the penguin home himself, and they set out in his rowboat on a journey to the South Pole. But when they get there, the boy discovers that maybe home wasn’t what the penguin was looking for after all! 


After listening to the story, why not extend your learning?


  • Let’s find out a little bit more about penguins. Where can you find them? How are they adapted to living in that environment? What do they eat?
  • Think about floating and sinking. Using a range of recycled materials to make a boat, you could start with a plastic food container and get your child to decorate it or start with a cereal box and paint it. Why not run a bath and try floating the boats and see what happens, do they float?  If you check back in 30mins what has happened to the cardboard boat? Is it still floating or has it sunk?  Did you stick anything on the boats, is it still there? Has the paint washed off?