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Material hunt

What you need

  • A selection of materials
  • A timer – can be on your phone or a clock


This activity is not only a fast, physical activity, but also incorporates science – exploring textures and materials. You also touch on mathematics by timing yourselves and counting all the items you have collected.

The experience

Choose approximately four items from around your home that are made from different materials. Some examples could be: 


  • A metal pan
  • A plastic cup
  • A cotton sheet
  • A wooden spoon


Then choose one of these materials, explore the material with your child and discuss the features of it.

Then set the timer for one minute and race around with your child trying to find items around your home that are made of this same material. Repeat this with all the materials.

After this, you can then count the items you have collected and see how many you managed to collect in 60 seconds!