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Painting using feet!

What you need

  • Some paper secured to the floor with tape
  • paint and a paintbrush/es,
  • a chair
  • a willing foot!


A new way to explore painting, this is fun for the children, a great physical challenge and a new way to explore creativity.

The experience

Set up an area where your child can sit at a chair, and use their feet and toes to pick up the paintbrush and use it to place into the paint and make marks on the paper. 

You may need to demonstrate yourself how they can do this to begin with, and then encourage them to experiment and see what they can paint. 

This is a great opportunity to discuss people who do foot painting professionally, perhaps because they do not have full use of their arms, or may not even have arms. You could look up some foot painters online and admire their work. Encourage your child to think about how easy/hard it was to paint with their foot as opposed to holding the paintbrush in their hand.