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Passover story

What you need

Listen to our story – Passover is coming!


Stories about celebrations and festivals are a great way to explore and discuss the topic with your child. Whether it’s something you celebrate as a family or a totally new experience to your child, it’s an opportunity to talk about the significance of this time for some families and to build an understanding that different people celebrate different things.

The experience

Listen to the story together and discuss – what were the family celebrating? 

Talk to your child – have they heard of Passover before? If you celebrate Passover, talk about the different aspects of the story that your child recognised – can they remember having a Sedar before? You could then create a list of the things that you will be doing for your own family Sedar, and get your child involved in the preparations. Ponder with your child – do all families celebrate Passover? Talk about the different things that families may celebrate. 

For children who do not have previous experience of Passover, discuss with them, explaining that this is a significant celebration for Jewish families. Ponder with your child which of their friends from nursery, or any neighbours or family members may be celebrating. Discuss the special times and celebrations your child has experienced – have they ever had a special meal? What was the same as the Sedar meal in the story? What was different? Acknowledge and talk about how special it is that families celebrate different things. Some things are often the same – such as enjoying a meal together and eating special foods, whilst other things are different. 

You could follow this up with some further research, looking at pictures or videos online of Passover (or other celebrations of interest).