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Pat-a-cake song

What you need

Your listening ears.


  • This song will enhance your child’s hand-eye coordination, their listening skills, their ability to follow directions, and their reading readiness through the song’s actions. It will also develop their language skills.
  • Action songs encourage toddlers to tune in to the sounds of the language being spoken, help children to associate keywords with actions, encourage babies and toddlers to explore hand movements, support coordination and children’s attachments with the other person engaging with them.

The experience

This is an action game song, where the lyrics are accompanied by simple hand actions. While watching the video, encourage your child to follow the moves while singing the song and interacting with you. 

Say or sing the rhyme using our video, emphasising on the movements or words. After, repeat the rhyme, but do so slowly and note the parts that the child seems to recognise. 

Why not share a video of your child trying out the moves on Famly?