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Scarf dancing fun for all ages

What you need

  • Scarves/ribbons
  • Music of your choice and the means to play it out loud!


  • Improving hand-eye coordination and physical gross motor skills – this dance is all about getting toddlers ready to write when they are older. 
  • It also sparks imagination and creativity.

The experience

  • Clear some space and put on some music that either you know your child already loves or take the opportunity to introduce them to something new. 
  • With your child, pick up some thin scarves or ribbons and wave and move to the music. Good moves to try are anti-clockwise circles in the air, straight lines from top to bottom and wavy and zig-zag lines. These are all movements that relate to the children’s pre-writing skills, and making these movements in the air, using gross-motor movement helps develop confidence in producing these on paper. 
  • Let your child move in different ways and try out different dance moves. Vary the tempo of the music – can they move really fast to a fast song and then respond to a slower one? 
  • You could also turn this into a game of musical statues. When you stop the music, everyone dancing has to freeze. Who froze the quickest? A fun competition the whole family can get involved in.