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Sharing a Shell

What you need

Your listening ears.


  • Developing early literacy skills
  • ‘Sharing a Shell’ tells the story of three rock pool creatures who share a shell and overcome their differences to live in harmony for the greater good. It has some lovely lessons to teach to the children about tolerance and sharing.

The experience

Pick a comfortable and cosy seat in your home to listen to the story of ‘Sharing a Shell’, a story about a tiny hermit crab who loves his new shell. He doesn’t want to share it – not with a blobby purple anemone and a tickly bristleworm. But life in the rock pool proves tougher than Crab thinks, and soon he finds he needs his new housemates in this rollicking story of sea, shells and friendship.

After listening to the story, try and imagine the sounds that might hear under the sea. You can now imagine that you are a little composer and create a musical tune to accompany some of the verses in the story! 

Why not share with us your very own recording of your song?