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Show & tell: what a funny picture!

What you need

  • Photos of animals (from magazines or printed from the computer)
  • Photos of accessories such as hats, glasses, scarfs, shoes, umbrellas (from magazines or printed from the computer)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper


This activity helps to develop an understanding of language and humour, develops cutting skills and fine motor control.

The experience

Your child will be familiar with lots of different animals, but making them wear clothes that a human would usually wear is silly and will be the start of an amusing conversation!

You and your child can cut out accessories for your favourite animals, stick them on and then talk about who made the silliest picture.

“An owl wearing a top hat? That’s so silly, Mummy!” 

“A scuba diving horse? Daddy, that’s so silly!” 

To extend the activity even further, you could make up stories about why or how your animal came to be wearing their chosen attire. Listen to your children’s stories about how their animals ended up in human clothing. Enjoy laughing together and exploring one another’s sense of humour.