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Something Else

What you need

Your listening ears, paper, pencil and a mirror.


This is the perfect book for reassuring any child that being different can be a very positive thing. Something Else is designed to encourage early literacy, enhance emotional development, celebrate multiculturalism, and promote character growth.

The experience

Sit back in a cosy area at your home and listen to the wonderful story of ‘Something else’. 

Something Else is a lonely creature, excluded from everything because he is different. One day, an equally curious creature (Something) turns up, giving him the chance to meet someone even stranger than himself. At first, he rejects him on the grounds that he is so peculiar, but then realises that this is exactly what he has experienced.

Following watching the video of the story, why not use a mirror, pencil and paper and create your own self-portrait? Look into the mirror and draw your own representation of yourself. What characteristics will you add to your drawing?

Have fun drawing!