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Sorting objects

What you need

  • Household objects of varying shapes, sizes and colours
  • Different containers or a way to differentiate between the different objects (a matt, or a large open space where you can make lots of piles)


This will support your child’s understanding of the concept of shape, space and measure; your child will learn that objects come in sorts of shapes and sizes. This is also an opportunity for your child to hear comparative, mathematical language such as big and small; also implements colours.

The experience

Start by gathering lots of different objects that can be categorised by colour, shape or size and get sorting; first, model to your child by selecting all of the same type of object – for example, all of the green objects. Place them into a container (this will also support any enclosing/transporting schemas happening as your child can put the objects in and then tip them out of the container again), or onto a matt/in a pile on the floor. Talk to your child whilst doing this ‘I’m getting all of the green objects’ and then encourage them to do the same! Try to implement language such as big and small by categorising big and small objects and showing this with your hands, be animated to really show the difference!