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Spin paintings inspired by Damien Hirst

Spin painting
Spin painting

What you need

  • A salad spinner
  • A pencil
  • Poster paint/acrylic paint/inks
  • Card/cereal box packaging or similar


  • The motion of holding the top of the salad spinner develops fine motor skills and is a great physical exercise for the upper body. 
  • The exercise will also introduce your child to contemporary art, and allow them to recreate their own versions and get creative with colours!

The experience

Google ‘Damien Hirst spin circles’ and share with your child. Talk together about the colours, the mood, or how it might feel – then suggest making some of your own!

Draw a circle to fit inside the salad spinner, and cut out. Encourage your child to have a go at doing this themselves; the shapes don’t need to be perfectly circular, but the bigger the better!

Pierce a hole in the centre of the circle with a pencil, before securing the circle in the middle of the salad spinner. Ask your child to choose up to 5 different colours and squirt a little of each into the salad spinner. 

Then close the lid and spin away to create your masterpiece!

Repeat to your heart’s content! Once dry, thread a string through the hole and hang up in the house.