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Let’s play with sponges

What you need

  • A container for water such as a large tupperware or a washing up bowl
  • Sponges of different sizes (you could cut up a cleaning sponge into different pieces)
  • Water


Your child will get a great workout for their fine motor skills through the squeezing and picking up of different pieces of sponge. They will also explore and become fascinated by the concept of absorption.

The experience

Place the container of water on a surface for your child to explore. Younger babies may sit in front of it on the floor, older children may enjoy this on the floor or standing with the water container on a raised surface they can reach.

Add the sponge pieces, and let your child explore. Show them how they can use the sponges e.g. placing under the water to soak up water, then squeezing it out. Encourage your child to have a go and experiment for themselves.