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The Big Blue Train

What you need

  • Your listening ears
  • Your drawing kit


Storytime and reading to your toddler supports their language and communication development. Through reading this book, concepts such as animals and adjectives are introduced in a fun and interactive way. Reading also builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills while giving children information about the world around them.

The experience

Ben and Bella depart on another imaginary adventure – a train journey to the seaside for a party.

The story starts with the children in their playroom, where they use their toys as part of a pretend game. 

As they travel in the big blue train, each toy – polar bear, chimpanzee, leopard, camel and several farm animals – appear in their natural habitat. Through the lovely pictures, one can see the differences between the various climates and terrains.

Julia Jarman’s catchy text includes repetition and rhyme, (both attractive features to the youngest of readers), which brings us safely back to the playroom in time for bath and bed.

Further learning: why not incorporate some mark-making? Let your child draw their favourite animal/pet on paper. Have fun!