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The Gruffalo Puppet Book by Julia Donaldson

What you need

Just a comfy little corner to sit in!


Puppet books such as the Gruffalo book can tell the stories on their own or make a book come to life.

Puppets are a great tool for teaching rhyme in early literacy development. Acting out a story with puppets captures children’s attention to help them focus on the story. It builds their imagination and builds their confidence for language development and interactions.

The experience

Who’s afraid of the Gruffalo?
With this fantastic story-book read by Katy, children are invited to experience reading in a more interactive way. Children will love meeting the Gruffalo, Mouse and the other animals in the deep dark wood in a playful way.

Using your own soft toy (doesn’t have to be a Gruffalo) why not try and follow the little instructions Katy is reading out loud from the book? Your little one can pretend their soft toy is the Gruffalo and pick out his nose, paws and prickles, and show that he is not scary at all!

Have fun!