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The Three Billy Goat’s Gruff

What you need

Your listening ears!


Through story time, children develop their imagination, curiosity and communication. Their focus and listening skills are developed as they concentrate on what the storyteller is saying.

The experience

Find a nice and cosy area in your home and listen to the story together a few times. Your child may pick out the repetitive phrases and may also want to predict what may happen next. 

Why not try and act the story out after. You may want to use different voices for the characters. The smallest goat could have a teeny, tiny voice and the troll could have a deep voice.

This is a wonderful story to learn about sounds. Could you trip-trap around your home? Can you trip-trap quietly like the smallest Billy Goat or loudly like the biggest Billy Goat? You might think about different sounds in your home. What can you hear when you listen carefully? You might be able to hear the ping of a microwave. Can you hear the fridge? Perhaps you could record the sounds around you?