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The Toy Vet Clinic

A little girl playing doctor with a toy
A little girl playing doctor with a toy

What you need

  • Cuddly animals
  • Bandages/plasters
  • Clipboard/paper – you could create your own sheet to use, writing/drawing the information your child will need to check
  • Pens
  • Items in the house e.g. syringe, torch, wipes, tape


This activity will allow your child to take control and imagine what it’s like to be a vet. It’s a great way for your child to learn that when we get hurt, we can get better! The addition of a clipboard is a great challenge and requires them to problem-solve, e.g. by filling in information including the toy’s name, colour, drawing where on the body they are hurt, etc.  This will also expand their imagination as they think of names and scenarios of what is wrong with the animal.

The experience

Pick out your child’s favourite animal toys and place them on a surface along with some items you may have available in the house e.g syringe, thermometer, plasters, blanket, etc. You can introduce the clipboard to your child and explain what information they need to put down on the paper.


  • What is the toy’s name?
  • What type of animal are they?
  • What is wrong with them? Do they have a bump on their head or their knee? Do they have a temperature?


You can also discuss danger awareness by using everyday scenarios to help your child understand more safety and danger around them. For example, “The dog broke his leg because he slipped on water”.