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Tidying up the garden grass

What you need

  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Some outdoor space – garden, park or grassy area


This will improve not only your garden, but your children’s fine motor skills. Supporting their cutting and exploring nature.

The experience

It’s as simple as it sounds. Explore a green area with your child and encourage them to get cutting. This is a great way for your child to explore their fine motor skills without it always being paper that they are cutting.

Get snipping – show your child how to cut the grass; you could even collect it.


  • Shall we see if we can fill up a cup all the way to the top with grass?
  • Can we see any long pieces of grass or short pieces?
  • Are any pieces of grass a lighter colour?


Once you’re done tidying up the grass, you could make a picture with the grass you have collected.