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Water play using sponges and fabrics

What you need

  • A big bowl or tray
  • Water
  • Different shaped sponges
  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Make sure you set aside a mop to clean any water spills!


Water play is both enjoyable and educational. It helps children develop hand-eye coordination and the concepts of maths and science from an early age. Water play supports developing motor skills, problem-solving skills, language development and social, emotional growth.

The experience

In a tray or bowl, add little sponges (you can cut a normal washing sponge into little sponges of different shapes). Encourage your child to pour some water over the sponges and let them explore the tray, squeeze the sponges and explore the textures.

Why not ask some questions? How does it feel when you touch it? Is it wet, dry, rough, etc.

Variation: why not try to transfer the water by squeezing the sponges to absorb the water in one bowl, and moving to another bowl by squeezing all the water from the sponge?

Have fun!