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‘Why am I me?’ Let’s make a family tree!

What you need

  • Some photos of your family 
  • Possibly a map/globe or access to Google Maps


  • This activity will support your child when learning about and understanding the world.
  • They can explore and learn more about their own family, as well as discuss how families may differ and have different set ups.

The experience

Explore your family with your child using photographs.

Using a picture of them at the bottom of the tree, open up a conversation about who is in their family. You can explore how you may call one of your relatives something different to what they might call them, i.e. ‘Your grandma is my mum’, ‘Your uncle is my brother.’

You can even discuss people’s ages, talking about when everyone was born and add dates on to the family tree. This can then lead to learning about what life was like for our grandparents/great grandparents… They had no iPads, no mobile phones and no Netflix!