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Seeded coconut porridge with cherry compote


25 mins

10 mins

15 mins

Now here’s a ‘cherry’ good breakfast recipe from the N kitchen. A blend of porridge oats and coconut yogurt, sweetened with apple puree and topped with a cherry compote and fresh raspberries. Tasty.


250 ml unsweetened plant milk
100 ml coconut yogurt
1 tsp sunflower seeds, pulsed
Pinch of chia seeds
1/2 cup porridge oat
Vanilla extract (to taste)
50g apple puree
80g frozen cherries
Small handful of raspberries





Heat up the milk together with the  seeds, oat flakes and a splash of vanilla. Stir until you get a thick but creamy porridge then mix in the apple puree and coconut yogurt.

In a separate pot cook down cherries to form a compote.

Serve porridge and top with compote and a few chopped raspberries.