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5 little birds

What you need

  • Scarves or loose materials
  • A safe place to move around


  • Maths skills – counting and taking away counting to 5 and down to 0
  • Physical movement – gross motor skills
  • Emotional development
  • Communication skills developed – using new rhymes to sing about a different animal

The experience

Singing the same tune as ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’, but instead singing:


“5 little birds went flying one day, over the trees and far away. 

Mummy bird went tweet tweet tweet and 4 little birds came flying back.”


Repeat the song until there are no more birds left. At the end, sing that all 5 ducks came back to their Mummy, making her so happy.

Use lots of expressions when one bird goes missing, etc.

Make it fun using scarves as wings and make repetitive movements pretending to fly.