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Making music with your feet

What you need

  • An area for your baby/toddler to comfortably lie down
  • A baking tray/s or other similar household items that will provide a good sound when kicked!



For babies and young toddlers, lying down and using their legs and feet is great for developing core strength. Having something that will make a noise and be engaging to their senses when they kick and push it with their feet is a good way of teaching cause and effect and building concentration for increasing periods of time.

The experience

Have your baby/toddler lie down comfortably, with their feet close to a wall or piece of furniture where you will place the baking tray. Sit close by so you can be sure it is kept secure, and encourage them to kick their feet so it makes a sound. Can they kick fast or slow? How can we make it sound louder?

They could also experiment doing the same thing with their hands, either sitting up or laying on their tummy. Enjoy making some music together!