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A hug in the post

What you need

  • Large paper 
  • Crayons/markers or paint and brushes 
  • Scissors (for older children, allow them to assist with using child scissors so they can be involved in this stage, if possible)
  • Envelope, stamp and the post box


Your child will get to do some stretching, and will use their fine motor skills to colour, paint and make marks on their outline. A fun way to let family or friends know you are thinking of them!

The experience

Get your child to lie down on the paper, with their arms stretched out, as though giving a big hug to somebody. Draw around their outline with a pencil or crayon. 

Your child can then colour their arms and hands in, add facial features using crayons, markers or paint. 

Once finished, you can cut out the outline. If your child is old enough, provide them with child scissors so they can have a go doing this themselves. They will likely need a little help with cutting around the outline of their fingers, etc. 

Once cut out, your child can admire their large, paper hug, before placing it into an envelope (lots of folding practice for older children) so this can be posted to a relative or friend of choice. Particularly when it is not possible to visit family members such as grandparents, this can be a fun way to let them know your child is thinking of them! 

Enjoy a walk to the post box and send your hug on its way!