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Animal races

What you need

  • Enough space to move around like different animals
  • Masking tape for a finish line (If you do not have masking tape, string or rolled up towels will do)


This activity will encourage your child to move their bodies in different ways.

The experience

Clear a good amount of space in your home (if you have access to a garden and the weather is nice and sunny, you could move this activity outside!)

Use the masking tape/towels/string to make a finish line for your race. Pretending to be different animals, and moving in the style of the animals you choose, you and your child will race one another. Encourage your child to choose some animals too. Explain to your child that you will both race to the finish line, pretending to be your chosen animal. Model the way in which the animal moves so that your child has an idea of how the chosen animal moves.

Animal Ideas: monkey, elephant, frog, rabbit, kangaroo, cheetah, penguin, lion, bird, sloth, dolphin.