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Apple sensory bin

What you need

  • Rice
  • Red or green plastic apples
  • Cinnamon sticks


  • Developing communication skills
  • Exploring our senses e.g. smell, touch,taste,sight.
  • Encouraging hand and eye coordination
  • Developing fine motor skills

The experience

Place the rice, apples and cinnamon sticks into a container. 

Make yourselves comfortable on the floor or at the table. Place the container on a flat surface – it should not be too high up, low enough to reach in and see the resources. The rice won’t stay in the container – perhaps have some material under the container so that the mess can be easily cleaned up.

Encourage your child to feel the rice and pick out the fruit with one or both hands. Encourage them to sift the rice with their fingers – can they pick up a single grain. Try stirring the rice using the cinnamon sticks.