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Baby doll care

What you need

  • Baby doll
  • Bottle
  • Nappy


Learning how to care for something can encourage independence and social skills. Imagination can run wild! For 1-2 year olds, this activity will encourage the use of language such as nappy, hungry, bed, sleep.

The experience

Place the baby doll to sleep on the floor/a chair or bed. They start to cry – ‘Oh no!’ Ask your child questions such as, ‘Why are they crying?’ ‘Could they be hungry?’ ‘What shall we do?’ 

Role model using language in imaginative play by making statements such as, ‘I’m going to change baby’s nappy,’ or, ‘Let’s give baby a bottle’. Talk about what you are doing, narrating the play experience. Encourage your child to join in and pick up the baby, pretend to give them a bottle, etc. Even very young children can begin to impersonate some of the things they see adults doing. 

Show your child how to carefully hold the baby, rock them and be gentle. Soon enough your child will be copying your actions and enjoying taking care of their new friend!