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Baby massage

What you need

  • A music player to play soothing baby massage music
  • Baby massage oil (any baby oil will work well) 
  • A warm room


Baby massage with music helps not only newborns, but babies and toddlers too. It is a great way to help with relaxation, sleep, flexibility and a gentle way to connect with your baby/child. 

The experience

These are some basic steps to baby/toddler massage with music. First, you can start by setting the mood: find a nice warm room (not hot), and play some soft, soothing music. To get the most out of this experience, make sure there are no distractions in the room, like phones or a TV. 

You now need to find a safe place to deliver the massage. The floor on a towel, on a changing mat or on a bed is fine (be sure there are no additional blankets or duvets, this can be a danger or distraction). Undress your baby/child, down to their nappy (this can be an ideal experience to do before/after bath time to help get relaxed and ready for bed). 

For younger babies, use very gentle/soft touches. For children closer to two, you may want to apply slightly firmer strokes. Always use circular motions. 

Laying them on their back, you want to begin to stroke (try not to rub) their legs; these are the least sensitive part of their body, so a good place to start. Then move to their arms, up and down (don’t forget to massage their hands too). You can then move onto their shoulders, chest and stomach (it is always best to ensure you are not massaging too soon after a meal/bottle). You can then do some stretching, bringing your child’s knees towards their stomach and back down.

Baby massage with music offers a wonderful bonding experience to enjoy with your baby or child, and will help create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, as part of their bedtime routine or just an opportunity to relax and have some ‘down time’ during the day.